If you've had to jump start your Volvo lately, one of the first things you'll ask yourself is: "Do I need a new Volvo battery?" It really depends. There are a number of signs that indicate your Volvo battery has reached the end of its lifespan. Learn more about how often you'll need to replace your Volvo battery in this guide from the parts and service team at Underriner Volvo.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Typically, a car battery will last for 2 to 5 years, but its lifespan is influenced by factors such as usage, your driving habits, and the weather. Your Volvo XC40, S60, or XC90 battery is engineered to provide the optimal performance needed to give your vehicle full functionality. Even so, batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge over time. 

How to Know If Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced

Here are some warning signs that can indicate your battery is reaching the end of its lifespan:

  • Dimming headlights
  • More frequent need for engine revving or jump starts
  • Longer engine start times when you turn the key/push the button
  • Unusual power fluctuations

If you notice any of these warning signs, it's a good idea to head to Underriner Volvo in Billings to get a new Volvo battery.

How to Extend the Life of Your Volvo Battery

Just as with any of the other major components in your Volvo, proper care and maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of your Volvo battery. Here are a few tips that can help to make your battery last longer:

  • Remember to turn off the lights at the end of your drive: Leaving headlights or cabin lights on after you have parked your vehicle is one of the most common things that can drain your battery. You should also avoid using in-car electronics when the vehicle is idle, since that makes the battery work harder.
  • Avoid short trips: Making short drives doesn't give your car battery enough time to fully charge. Sudden temperature spikes in the Laurel and Shepherd areas can also put extra strain on the battery.
  • Perform regular maintenance: Simple things like making sure that the battery terminals are clean and free of corrosion, and that the battery is securely fastened, will help to keep it functioning as it should. Sticking to your service schedule as a whole will help protect your battery as well.

Choose Underriner Volvo for Quality Parts and Service

When you are in need of a new Volvo battery, stop by the Parts Center at Underriner Volvo. Make sure to check out our current parts specials for saving on batteries, wiper blades, hoses, and more. If you need help installing your new battery, or if you'd like to have our certified technicians test the charging system, schedule an appointment with us online. Otherwise, if you want to know more about your battery, how long car brakes last, when to replace headlight wipers, or when to replace the tires on your XC90, feel free to contact us online or give our parts team a call at (888) 941-3215. We can also help you put together a winter emergency car kit to keep you prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.