If you're car loan shopping in the Billings area, you'll have the choice of financing through either a bank or a dealership. But which is the best place to get a car loan? The finance team at Underriner Volvo is here to help you learn all about the differences between financing with a bank vs. a dealership so you can decide which is the better choice for you.

Where to Get a Car Loan: Dealership

Choosing to finance through the dealership where you are buying the car offers some benefits that you won't necessarily get when working with a bank. These include:

  • Dealerships work with many lenders, so you'll have several financing options from which to choose.
  • The in-house finance specialists at a dealership can provide advice on leasing vs. buying, as well as how to refinance a car loan.
  • A dealership like Underriner Volvo offers convenient online tools to value your trade-in and apply for financing.
  • Dealerships are more willing to provide flexible options for buyers with bad credit or no credit at all.
  • The financing and lease specials at a dealership can help you get the best available deal.
  • At a dealership, you'll have the opportunity to negotiate your down payment and loan or lease terms.

Where to Get a Car Loan: Bank

If you opt to deal with your local Bozeman-area bank, you may find that it can often be more difficult to secure a loan if you have a low credit score. It's a good idea to find out what kind of deal your dealership can offer before consulting your bank. This will give you a clear picture of which is the best place to get auto financing. Some benefits to getting a car loan from a bank include:

  • The pre-existing relationship you have with your bank can work in your favor.
  • A bank tends to offer set interest rates.
  • You may be able to secure a more flexible payment schedule with your bank.

Learn More About Your Financing Options at Underriner Volvo

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